Scientific Program

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Monday 13th January
Session 1
10:30 Overview of the Solar Orbiter remote sensing payload: development and operationsFrederic Auchere
10:55Solar Orbiter OperationsDavid Williams
11:20Science with SPICE: synergy between small and wide FOV remote sensing instruments on Solar OrbiterAlessandra Giunta
11:45Synergy between Solar Orbiter and other facilities.Giulio Del Zanna
12:05The Evolution of the Coronal Plasma Composition of AR 11967Andy To
12:25Directly comparing coronal and solar wind compositionDavid Stansby
Session 2
13:35Turbulence in the Inner Heliosphere and its role in Driving the Solar WindChris Chen
14:00The role of Alfvenic waves in driving the solar windRichard Morton
14:25How Solar Orbiter will observe the velocity distribution functions of plasma particles and determine their thermodynamic and kinetic parametersGeorgios Nicolaou
14:45Connecting the Sun to the Solar Wind: open questions, recent advances, and the role of Solar OrbiterHuw Morgan
Session 3
15:40Solar Orbiter SWA and SWA-EAS: Opportunities and Challenges as the Operations Phase BeginsChristopher Owen
16:00Observational Studies of Solar Wind Origins and the Sun-Heliosphere Connection Ahead of Solar OrbiterAllan Macneill
16:25Solar Angular Momentum Loss and its Connection to Other Sun-like StarsAdam Finley
16:45Discussion (16:45-17:15)
Tuesday 14th January
Session 4
09:00Helioseismology of subsurface flows and their relation to the solar dynamoRachel Howe
09:25Solar Energetic Particles: outstanding questions and Solar OrbiterSilvia Dalla
09:50Combining the remote and in-situ observations of energetic particles in solar orbiter eraEduard Kontar
10:10MHD-particle modelling of energetic proton and electron escape from the corona into the inner heliosphereMykola Godovskyy
Session 5
11:00Flying SolO isn’t so lonely; Earth-based radio is here to helpHamish Reid
11:25Study of the spatial association between an active region jet and a nonthermal type III radio burstSargam Mulay
11:45Formation and Evolution of Magnetic Flux Ropes During Solar MinimumPrantika Bhowmik
12:10A Prospective New Diagnostic Technique for Distinguishing Eruptive and Non-Eruptive Active RegionsPaolo Pagano
12:30Combining Models and Observations to Forecast CME InitiationAlexander James
Session 6
14:00Infer the kink instability threshold from the kinetics of solar coronal jetsJiajia Liu
14:20Investigation of the middle corona, comparing observations with a data-driven non-potential coronal field modelKaren Meyer
14:40Source and Eruption Dynamics of a Stealth CMEStephanie Yardley
15:00Multi-Spacecraft Investigation of High-Latitude Interplanetary Coronal Mass EjectionsMegan Maunder
15:20Coronal Strand Width Analysis: Results from Hi-C 2.1Thomas Williams
15:40Operational Modeling of Heliospheric Space Weather and Solar OrbiterDusan Odstrcil
16:30Tea/Coffee – END OF MEETING